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About Linda Coss

A Food Allergy "Pioneer"
When Linda Coss' oldest son (now a young adult) was first diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, this was an extremely uncommon and almost unknown condition. Few resources were available, the internet didn't really exist, manufacturers were not required to list all ingredients on food packages, and schools had no experience accommodating these children's special needs. It was her experiences in learning to care for and cook for her son that motivated Ms. Coss to take action to help others.

Food Allergy Author, Former Support Group Leader, Speaker
Since then Linda Coss has written and self-published three books for the food allergy market. A former food allergy support group leader (she founded a group and lead it for 13 years), Linda has given presentations to both parents and medical professionals about food allergies and the issues involved in raising severely food-allergic children.

More about Linda
Linda lives in Southern California, where she keeps quite busy working as a freelance marketing writer. Ms. Coss received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with honors from the University of California's Irvine campus. You can learn more about her marketing work at

Hear Linda Coss Speak about Food Allergies

Radio Health Journal Interview


Radio Health Journal, from Mediatracks Communications (, a half-hour weekly radio magazine covering issues in health, medicine and society, is heard on 425 stations nationwide. She is featured in this 6-1/2 minute segment on food allergies. Interview

This 50-minute interview with Aaron Dwyer of covers a broad range of topics related to school-age children. If you'd like to skip to the part that interests you most, approximate times and topics are as follows:

  • Ways to reduce risks at school (at 10 mins)
  • Engaging with the other parents at the school about food allergies (at 19 mins)
  • Dealing with family members about their food allergy awareness (at 21 mins)
  • Educating your child about their food allergy condition without getting them stressed out and turning them into a basket case (at 23 mins)
  • Banning nuts in schools, yes or no (at 31 mins)
  • Cooking with food allergies and reduced food choices (at 43 mins)

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